You won’t find a bigger or more exciting gift than BIG.

BIG is the definitive book that captures the lives and beauty of the giants from the animal kingdom. It’s a unique and dramatic look at the world’s largest animals, as seen through the eyes of award-winning wildlife photographers. The two photographers take us into their experience encountering some of the most spectacular animals in the world and describe their face-to-face interactions. The result is this large-format wildlife photography book that will capture the hearts and imaginations of everyone who sees it.


Large size: 11″x14″ /  27.5cm x 34 cm,  5.1lb / 2.3 kg,  Text in English & German

Main picture


That’s what you’ll feel and see with the experiences shared in Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic’s new book, BIG. These award-winning wildlife photographers take us on an unparalleled journey around the world to encounter the biggest animals out there and how such big animals fit into our world view and lives.

In addition to the captivating photography, BIG is so unique since it is crafted through the emotions that the photographers felt during their encounters. Marko and Amos allow the viewer to feel the awe, inspiration, fear and fascination that they felt with each animal encounter; they share, not just their photography skill, but their emotions while seeing giant grizzly and polar bears, while diving with great white sharks and while observing leopards, seals, bison and more.

With a combined 70 years of photographing the most breathtaking moments in nature, Marko Dimitrijevic and Amos Nachoum have assembled their best photographs for the first time ever into one book – BIG. They share their love for nature and their awe at encountering giants in their natural habitat. As they share their emotions and their photography, they invite the reader to reflect upon what we can each learn about ourselves while observing and protecting these majestic creatures.