Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic is an entrepreneur, explorer and Swiss photographer. Traveling to more than 120 countries, he has spent his life photographing the beauty of the natural world and focusing on endangered species and conservation. His work has been published in The Sunday Times, Travel + Leisure, Ocean Geographic, Alert Diver and more. He has received awards and recognition from Travel Photographer of the Year, Sony World Photography Awards, International Photography Awards, Nature’s Best Photography and many others.

When he’s not capturing the majesty of the natural world, Marko is working as an entrepreneur, author and lecturer. He is the author of the book Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets in which shares his investment thinking and strategy. Frontier Investor opens up a whole new world view to the broad investing public and is available in several languages. Marko holds degrees from Université de Lausanne and Stanford University.